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Walk the Land: Marsh and Woodland Habitat Walk at Vlei Marsh with Erik Kiviat

Join Winnakee Land Trust and Dirty Gaia for an early afternoon spring walk at Vlei Marsh Preserve in Rhinebeck with Erik Kiviat, ecologist and Executive Director of Hudsonia. Vlei, which means “marsh” in Dutch, is designated a Significant Biodiversity Area by New York’s Department of Environmental Conservation, an acknowledgment of the woodland pools, wetlands and hardwood forest that combine to provide critical habitat for migrating birds, nesting amphibians and a multitude of plants and animals, both terrestrial and aquatic. With Erik as our guide, we’ll explore the layered ecological diversity of this beautiful piece of land and the importance of safeguarding it.

 This program is a co-presentation of Winnakee Land Trust, Dirty Gaia and Hudsonia. WALK THE LAND is a collaboration between Dirty Gaia and Winnakee Land Trust featuring guided tours with local experts. Join us as we explore the ecosystem of Rhinebeck’s Vlei Marsh throughout the seasons from a variety of perspectives and experiences, revealing the diversity and wonder of the natural world.

Where: Vlei Marsh Preserve, 186 Vlei Road, Rhinebeck, NY 

When: Saturday, May 6; Rain date Sunday, May 7


Suggested donation $10 per person, $25 per family.


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