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Our Story

Our mission: To create an interconnected web of resilience through education, community engagement, and regenerative practices that recognize and support the exquisite wisdom of Gaia, the ancient Greeks’ name for Mother Earth.

Background: Dirty Gaia founder, Sue Sie, a graduate of Omega Institute’s Center for Sustainability and Learning, created Backyard to Table (BYTT) in Rhinecliff, NY in 2016 to encourage gardeners to grow food using sustainable practices. Regenerative gardening involves understanding an intricately balanced ecosystem—pollinators, soil, water—as well as techniques for combatting pests, trellising plants, creating and maintaining garden beds and saving seeds. Eventually, the Rhinecliff Sustainability Series, Morton Seed Library and Pollinate Now! were born, each offering educational presentations, workshops and films around these topics. In 2021 Dirty Gaia partnered with Library of Local, helping regional libraries to create and produce similar programs and events.

As the scope of Backyard to Table’s endeavors grew, Dirty Gaia was formed to serve as the umbrella for its family of initiatives. Why “Dirty Gaia?” Gaia is the ancient Greek name for Mother Earth, and dirt (which we spend a lot of time in) is the basis for life. Plus “Dirty Gaia’s” got a slap of sass we couldn’t resist!

Resilient communities, inspired by nature, with the skills to thrive.

Our Philosophy: When we learn to plant gardens that feed the earth, attract pollinators to feed the gardens, and work collaboratively with creatures great and small to produce fruits, trees, flowers and vegetables that feed our souls and soil, we’ll be a step closer to becoming responsible and resilient stewards of the world entrusted to us. Mother Earth, Gaia, has designed miraculous, interdependent and resilient ecosystems that work in concert for the benefit of all. We’ve co-evolved with these systems but forgotten our place, too often interrupting, even obliterating them. The loss is ours. 

Dirty Gaia’s goal is to reconcile our relationship with the natural world, to understand our environment with a place-based approach, and to thrive within it by harnessing Gaia’s wisdom and restoring her vitality while ensuring our own. Through Backyard to Table, Dirty Gaia Presents, Pollinate Now! and our partnership with the Morton Seed Library, Dirty Gaia offers a variety of educational opportunities to inspire growing with awe and respect. Let’s roll up our sleeves and get into the dirt!

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