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Join us tomorrow for a screening of the climate classic Kiss the Ground! Even if you’ve seen it before it’s a great reminder of what we can do to mitigate the challenges of climate change. Plus: Woody Harrelson narrates, so that’s fun. Reserve your seat at, or just show up. It’s free! 5:15pm tomorrow (Wed.) #seeyou #at #themovies
Just a reminder about our upcoming vermiculture workshop on Sat. Aug 26. It’s all about the worms! Learn how they enrich your soil and your plants—and see the beneficial microbes they feed up close—at 400x magnification— with expert Monique Bosch of CT NOFA. More info and registration thru the link in our bio. #ctnofa #mortonrhinecliff #buildbettersoil #vermiculture
Want to take your garden to the next level? Worms are your new best friends. Vermiculture improves soil exponentially, making happier, healthier, nutrient-rich plants. Learn how it works and how to set up your own worm residences at this workshop with vermiculturists Monique Bosch and Rudy McEntire. Sept. 26 (Sat.) in Rhinecliff, starting with a look at soil microbes under a 400X microscope at Morton Memorial Library. More info and registration (required) thru link in bio. #gardenwithworms #forbetterplants #mortonrhinecliff #seeyouthere!
Get a little bit closer. #primrosemoths
Join us for a free screening of Kiss the Ground, the award-winning film, narrated by Woody Harrelson, that will give you hope for countering climate change. Hint: It’s all about the dirt! Wednesday, Aug 23 at Upstate in Rhinebeck, 5:15pm. RSVP at, or just show up! #seeyouthere
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