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Big thanks to all of you who’ve contributed so much to Dirty Gaia this year! Looking at you, @makinglovewhilefarming , @fruitionseeds, @future.fruits, @hudsonvalleyseedco, foragingandfeasting, @hawthornevalley and all of you who’ve joined our merry band of sustainability and resilience. We’re so grateful! Read more on our site (link in bio) under the Get The Dirt tab. #thankyou #communityworks #happythanksgiving
Thank goodness for volunteers! I let these Long Island cheese pumpkin take over my compost pile. Otherwise I would’ve had none because my other planting was devastated. #resilience
Small harvest before the frost from Mudkill Flats for the Rhinebeck Reform Church pantry. #payitforward #endhunger
Who doesn't want CLEAN AIR & CLEAN WATER? Please vote for the the ENVIRONMENTAL BILL OF RIGHTS. Proposal 2 on the Ballot. URGENT!
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