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Getting into a gifty frame of mind? Want to? We can’t help but give a shout out to this beauty of a Bloom Calendar Poster by our friends @hudsonvalleyseedco. It’s gorgeous, as you can see, and a table at the bottom gives the showtimes for each of the flowers, from early bird snowdrops through to fall asters. You can plan your garden to bloom through the seasons and enjoy your favorites on the calendar all year long. Check it out at and see a flip through @hudsonvalleyseedco. Just a reminder: it’s aok to gift yourself this time of year! #flowerpower #perfectgift #forgardeners
I stand in awe of seeds! I’ve had these green cotton seeds which were harvested in 2014, and given to me at a Seed Swap at Omega. I decided to germ test them before I put them in the compost, and, low and behold, they are sprouting! It’s going to be hard for me not to plant these. Anyone know anything about growing green cotton? Shout out to Julie Noble.
Join us for another foraging walk at the gorgeous and biodiverse Vlei Marsh in Rhinebeck. Led by James O’Neil of Deep Forest Wild Edible we’ll scope the land for all manner of natural foods and fungi and learn how to use (or avoid!) them. This is the latest outing in our Walk the Land series. Registration required, just hit the link in our bio. Thanks as always to our WTL partner, #Winnakee Land Trust who manage Vlei Marsh. #naturefoodandmedicine #fabfungi #walktheland
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