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It’s time to put our gardens to bed, but let’s not be overly zealous. Remember that certain bees, butterflies, and other creatures who pollinate and help the world go round need leaves and stems to survive winter and emerge healthy in spring. So please leave [at least some of] your leaves. Pile them in an out of the way spot if you’d rather not have them front and center. That’s our Nurture Nature request for this month. Simple, right?! #leavetheleaves #helpthepollinators #tagus
Huge thanks to Dina Falconi of #foragingandfeasting for leading our Vlei Marsh foraging walk yesterday, and to these glorious chicken of the woods mushrooms who made themselves available. (Dina’s pointing at relatives of the substrate maple). Great to see all of you on a crisp autumn morning! This was our third in the 4-part Walk the Land series we’re cohosting with our friends at Winnakee Land Trust—stay tuned for word on our final foray, a tracking walk this winter. But we’ll see you way before then:) #forageforfood #walktheland #WinnakeeLandTrust #rhinebeck #rhinecliff
It’s tonight! Everything you always wanted to know about invasives, explained by Erik Kiviat, an expert on the topic. Learn how and when to deal with them, and which might not be so bad after all. 6pm at #MortonRhinecliff. #see you there!
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