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How to Meadow Your Lawn: A hands-on learning experience at Vlei Marsh

Dirty Gaia and Winnakee Land Trust are pleased to announce WALK AND RESTORE THE LAND, an immersive series of outdoor programs aimed at furthering our relationship with nature and her elements. This initiative takes last year’s Walk the Land collaborative series a step further. Again, quarterly events will explore tracts of Winnakee land through different seasons and the perspectives of varied specialists, but we will also roll up our sleeves with projects that help restore the natural balance of these areas and teach skills that you can implement at home to make your land more sustainable.

At the launch of spring event, How to Meadow Your Lawn, Winnakee’s Assistant Director of Land Stewardship, Jen Adams, will give a short presentation of different techniques to transform your lawn into a successful meadow, including suitable native seedlings. Then she will lead a hands-on demonstration on a plot at Winnakee’s Vlei Marsh that will serve as a demonstration site for meadowing techniques over time. 

Restoring grassy areas to native meadows offers numerous ecological benefits, such as increased biodiversity, improved water quality and carbon sequestration as your meadow establishes in your soil with deep perennial roots. Techniques participants learn in this workshop can be used at home to restore habitat for many insects and birds in dramatic population decline due to habitat loss. 

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