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Fall Foraging Walk with James O’Neill of Deep Forest Wild Edible

Join experienced forager James O’Neill of Deep Forest Wild Edible for a walk through Vlei Marsh, a veritable supermarket of medicinal and nutritional greens and fungi this time of year. Traversing Vlei’s biodiverse trails, we’ll hunt for mushrooms and, under James’ guidance, learn their distinctive characteristics, distinguishing the healers from the specimens that are best avoided. Along the way we’ll look for other natural delicacies and explore their medicinal and/or culinary properties. James, who lives in Beacon, is a licensed mushroom forager and a longtime supplier of wild fungi to Hudson Valley restaurants and chefs. 

This program is a co-presentation of Winnakee Land Trust and Dirty Gaia. WALK THE LAND is a collaboration between Dirty Gaia and Winnakee Land Trust featuring guided tours with local experts. Join us as we explore the ecosystem of Rhinebeck’s Vlei Marsh throughout the seasons from a variety of perspectives and experiences, revealing the diversity and wonder of the natural world.

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