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Climate and Project Drawdown: Inspiration to Action with Melissa Everett


Climate change is an urgent challenge – and it is also an opportunity for creative breakthroughs. Project Drawdown, the NY Times Environmental Bestseller, catalogues 100 top solutions invites everyone to take direct action – not just at home and work but in the community.

Join Melissa Everett for a dive into the solutions of Drawdown and a road map for cutting climate pollution in half by 2030. This forum will focus on high-leverage actions at the community scale, and on inviting ways to communicate the opportunity.

Melissa Everett, Ph.D. is a co-founder and Executive Director of Sustainable Hudson Valley. She has focused her career on strategies for personal and organizational transformation as a career counselor, organizational developer and independent scholar. She earned her PhD from Erasmus University in the Netherlands with a research focus on the dynamics of community turnarounds. She is author of three books including the award-winning Making a Living While Making a Difference.

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