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September is a liminal month, somewhere between the unrelenting heat of summer and the cool breeziness of fall. What better time to rethink your lawn?

Native plants and pollinators have co-evolved for generations, perfecting an eco-dance of interdependence and resilence.

Support the Birds and Bees Protection Act and help rid the environment of toxic neonics. Act by June 1! Here’s how:

Let the mower rest for the month of May. You may be delighted by how your lawn responds.

We just set up a snappy Aerobin 400 insulated composter at Morton Memorial Library here in Rhinecliff. Happy Earth Day!

For inspiration, we asked friends, teachers and mentors what nature-nurturing plans they have in mind for 2022.

Permaculture: Watershed Planning for Food and Energy Independence (Video Courtesy of Andrew Faust)

How to respond to rapid pollinator die-off through ecological design (Video)

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