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That tissue in your loo may be wreaking havoc on boreal forests—bamboo and recycled versions can help. Here’s why you should switch.

For inspiration, we asked friends, teachers and mentors what nature-nurturing plans they have in mind for 2022.

Tis the turning inward season for plants and the rest of us here in the Hudson Valley, prompting us to think back over the past year and all we’re grateful for.

Future Fruits founder Jared Williams takes us on a tour through his remarkable garden

Permaculture: Watershed Planning for Food and Energy Independence (Video Courtesy of Andrew Faust)

Native bees and pollinators need our assistance. Here’s how to help. (Video courtesy of the Xerces Society)

Foliage Botanics Founder Hannah Schiller shares remedies for the new year—or any other time! (Video)

Dorna Schroeter demonstrates how we take cues from nature to design just about everything (Video)

Permaculturist Jared Williams shares ways to create edible landscapes in towns and cities (Video)

Connor Stedman details the ways in which climate change is affecting New York communities (Video)

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