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Walk the Land: Bird Walk with Ralph T. Waterman Bird Club

Can you tell a blue jay from a blue bird just by hearing its call? Distinguish a pileated woodpecker from a yellow-bellied sapsucker through the distinctive tree-trunk drumming? There’s no telling who else we might find soaring, landing and paddling in Winnakee Land Trust ‘s Vlei Marsh Preserve, but the Great Blue Heron, American Coot, Sora, Virginia Rail, Wood Duck, and Common Gallinule are among the many birds who call this biodiverse 165-acre parcel home.

Join Dr. Alan Peterson of the Ralph T. Waterman Bird Club for one of our walks and learn to identify Vlei’s fascinating feathered species through their tell-tale sounds, habits and migration patterns.

This program is a co-presentation of Winnakee Land Trust, Dirty Gaia and Waterman Bird Club. WALK THE LAND is a collaboration between Dirty Gaia and Winnakee Land Trust featuring guided tours with local experts. Join us as we explore the ecosystem of Rhinebeck’s Vlei Marsh throughout the seasons from a variety of perspectives and experiences, revealing the diversity and wonder of the natural world.

Where: Vlei Marsh Preserve, 186 Vlei Road, Rhinebeck, NY

When: Saturday, June 17th at 7:30am or 9:30am.

REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Capacity is limited. 

Suggested donation $10 per person, $25 per family.

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