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Pollinate Now!

Humans are flunking when it comes to stewardship of our Earth, also known as Gaia. Industrial farming, monocropping, pesticide use—ouch! We’ve got to stop obliterating the delicate and exquisitely synchronized ecosystem that is nature. Pollinators, those birds, bees, butterflies, moths and myriad other creatures who make our plants and trees grow and clean our water and air, are our first-line defenders and they’re in dire straits. Pollinate Now! provides education and wherewithal to galvanize individuals, communities and governments to protect and support pollinators and their critical work.

Eighty percent of the globe’s plants—including the food we eat—rely on pollinators to reproduce. What would we do without them? Let’s not find out.

We’ll show you, through workshops and initiatives, how to support pollinators, from growing the plants they love to building species-specific homes. Sign up for our email list to get our Gaiagram newsletters and keep up-to-date on ways to give props to pollinators.

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